Sunday, December 13, 2009

Jack's Inferno: top ten finalist in the Fresh Blood manuscript contest

Yeah, so I wrote a book. It's called Jack's Inferno Volume One. It's a black comedy about Hell. I submitted the manuscript to the Fresh Blood competition sponsored by Leisure Horror and Chizine Publications, and I made the top ten. Voting will begin in mid January on or More info at Winner gets a publishing deal including mass market paperback and limited edition hardcover. I will be posting random excerpts and plot and character descriptions from time to time. Just to get you started, here's the back-of-the-book synopsis.


Let me tell you about my day. I died. That was my morning. Death pulled up in a '76 Cadillac Eldorado. He was drunk and crazy. By the time we wrecked, so was I.

Hitchhiked across Hell with a truck-driving Judas-freak off his meds. Rode a burning slave ship across the Acheron, then hit the gift shop. Got a bad reception from the locals in a backwoods necropolis. Stopped at a greasepit diner and bailed on the check. Took a ride through the woods and got carjacked by some roadkill. Long story, don't ask. Slept with a housewife in Limbo. Her husband tried to sacrifice me to Moloch. Had a tea party with King Minos and some dead hookers. Anubis gave me drugs. Met a pimp named Grendel. Hit up a strip joint and almost got gang raped by satyrs. Married a demon at gunpoint, but I left the chapel in flames. Went bankrupt in a poker game with three dogs and Toulouse Lautrec in the basement of a place called "The Screaming Whore."

Beyond that, I have no idea what's going on.